RvdB Plus

24 September 2020
Every website requires HTML and CSS code to be displayed as intended. If you have ever used some kind of page builder or content management system to build your site, it's the HTML and CSS code that makes your content look good on your website. RvdB Plus is a combination of smooth styling and a user friendly content management system that helps you keeping your website up to date and always make it look good on every device.

Sharing Knowledge: Rubber Duck Debugging

17 September 2020
Every week I will share some knowledge with you on the RvdB Design social media channels and website. To kick things off, let's start with one of my favourite little tricks: Rubber Duck Debugging.

Work In Progress

1 August 2020
Often, when a website is build while there is not already an older website live, it is preferred to add a maintenance page that can be published before the complete website is finished. Especially for starting companies this can be interesting, as they can already give out business cards with their website URL without people finding an empty page. When a website reaches the point that the maintenance page is live, but the website is still a work in progress, I will often already publish the website on this website.


27 November 2019
I would like this opportunity to give a shout-out to Udemy, a website where they offer an extreme amount of online courses in many different subjects. By now I have purchased about 6 courses from the website, which all gave me new tools to use building my websites and even taught me how to build my own games and applications.

The New RvdB Website

27 November 2019
The new RvdB Website is live! Why a new website you might ask? Well that's simple: the other one was old! It might still look OK, but for me it's just as important as it is for you to keep your website up to date, follow the latest design trends and most of all, use the technology that is available!