RvdB Plus

Every website requires HTML and CSS code to be displayed as intended. If you have ever used some kind of page builder or content management system to build your site, it's the HTML and CSS code that makes your content look good on your website. RvdB Plus is a combination of smooth styling and a user friendly content management system that helps you keeping your website up to date and always make it look good on every device.
One of the elements that will be implemented on RvdB Plus is a basic color palette which will be extended in the future. It will include a primary and secondary color which are the brand colors of the client. Besides that, I have picked some basic soft colors to choose from. Of course, you always get the choice to pick a custom color. The color palette is very useful for saving time when creating content.
About every modern website contains one or more buttons. RvdB Plus gives you the option to choose your own button's style, color and size. Of course, when RvdB Design builds your website, as a client you get to pick your default button settings to save you a lot of time when adding buttons to your content.

I'm planning to add more button styles in the future, with a focus on fancy hover styles (cool effects when you move your mouse over the button) and satisfying click styles.
Other features included in RvdB Plus are responsive font sizes, different styles of dividers, borders, a modern gallery and a slider (image carousel) with timer functionality. RvdB Plus will be developed further and many new features will be added. This means that getting a website using RvdB Plus and adding a maintenance or service contract gives you access to new features as soon as they are ready to be implemented. This keeps your website fresh and modern.
Don't get me wrong: RvdB Plus is not a magic tool that makes you able to build your own website without my help. The structure of the content management system needs to be build, but the maintenance will be fully in your control. However, one big PLUS from RvdB Plus is that is saves me a massive amount of time building your website, making top quality and modern websites available for a very attractive price. Keep an eye out on the website for special offers to try out RvdB Plus as soon as it's released!